A demonstration of the Mann Whitney test.

A demonstration of the Kruskal Wallis test.

A demonstration of the Spearman's rho correlation coefficient..

A demonstration of hypothesis testing using Spearman's rho correlation coefficient.

A demonstration of Kendall's tau (1/2).

A demonstration of Kendall's tau (2/2).

COP 1000C. INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING CONCEPTS. INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING CONCEPTS A hands-on introduction to analyzing, designing, coding, and testing computer programs. Students will develop algorithms for problem solving with an emphasis on good programming practices. Students will use programming techniques including control structures, arrays, and subprograms to design and code basic programs using a modern computer language. Other topics include working with data, number systems, and an introduction to object-oriented and event-driven programming. This course prepares students for software development courses in programming and web development.

CGS 2545C. DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Principless of database systems, architecture of database management systems, relational model conceptual design and requirement analysis, database design and normalization, query languages, multi-user and distributed database issues; practical use of a DBMS and building of a database application.

BSC2891 - Python Programming for Biology : Discoveries in biology are driven as much by computer analysis as by laboratory work. Learn the theory and practice of computer programming with emphasis on the practical techniques and problem solving skills required to use computer programming in biological research. Taught completely online.

CTS 2433C. SQL SERVER DATABASE AND IMPLEMENTATION. SQL SERVER DATABASE AND IMPLEMENTATION Prerequisites: CGS 2545C or Departmental approval This course teaches the student how to develop a logical data model, how to create databases, database files, and objects; space management and growth strategies. The student will use Transact SQL and Data Transformation Services to manipulate data and extract data in XML format. Programming business logic using stored procedures, transactions, triggers, user-defined functions and views also are covered. The student will learn to optimize database performance by using SQL Profiler and the Index Tuning Wizard. Security management will be covered from the viewpoint of data access, object-level security and application rolls.